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Monday, 12 November 2018

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Why Digital Marketing is Important to Grow Businesses

Why Digital Marketing is Important to Grow Businesses

8 Reasons why Digital Marketing is Important

1. Equal Opportunity for all kinds of businesses : Digital Marketing the online playing field and offers equal opportunities for all kinds of businesses. It is no more like the old days scenario when multinationals and big business houses mostly embraced Digital Marketing.

2. More Cost-Effective than Traditional Marketing: Small businesses with no assets and capitalization find a superior and financially savvy marketing channel in digital marketing. As per Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report- “Up to 40% of respondents claimed getting considerable savings by using digital marketing methods of promotion for their products and services.”
The report further suggests that 28% of businesses studied will move advertising budget allocations from traditional marketing channels and put them into digital marketing channels.

3. Delivers Conversion : Businesses measure accomplishment by the rate of approaching traffic gets converted into leads, supporters, subscribers, deals or sales. If there occurs no conversion, all your activity would amount to nothing and all your marketing endeavors will essentially go to squander. That is the reason entrepreneurs are streamlining their digital advertising efforts towards Conversion Rate Optimization, making it their top most priority.
Different digital marketing activities like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and email marketing, etc. will also aid you in doing so. Inbound Marketing Report, SEO, SMO and Email Marketing create fast and viable communications with the target audiences and ensure higher conversion rates.

4. Helps you Generate Better Revenues : Along with better conversion rates created by successful digital marketing strategies, Digital Marketing also ensures great revenues. It conveys heaps of gainful advantages for you and your business appreciates better and higher incomes. With better revenue generation, little and medium businesses utilizing digital advertising strategies will have 3.3 times better odds of optimizing their business. Digital Marketing opens the ways to better, bigger and remote targeting markets both locally and abroad.

5. Facilitates Interaction with Targeted Audiences : One reason why internet marketing is assuming control over conventional marketing channels is the capacity of Digital advertising methods to cooperate with target audiences and ensure result driven interactions. Digital Marketing ensures the engagements that your clients hope to get while interacting with your business.

6. Caters to the Mobile Consumer : Without a doubt, with the fast expansion of smart phones, mobile marketing is the most contemporary way of data dispersal that is also today’s basic correspondence channel. These smart phones have turned into the main part of our life that 85+ percentages of grown-ups in India dependably have their mobile devices within their reaching distance.

7. Builds Brand Reputation : The importance of digital marketing lies in its capacity of pulling in the target audiences, who are in all likelihood to find out about your brand and might be intrigued enough to buy what you bring to the table. This will be helpful for your brand awareness, as the fulfilled clients will, in all likelihood enlighten other individuals concerning their involvement with your brand and optimize your brand reputation.

8. you earn the People’s Trust : Digital Marketing pays more emphasis on web-based social networking signals because of their immediate and more customized collaboration between a business and their target customers. Digital Marketing influences via web-based social media signals, social reviews and testimonials from genuine customers who had made a purchase with you and got profited. The more solid these social signs are, the better the trust rate it can produce from the prospects, the greater part of which can be converted into potential clients.

Elements of Digital Marketing

Websites and SEO content
Internet banner ads
Online video content
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
Email marketing
Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
Mobile marketing (SMS, MMS, etc.)

Digital Marketing Trends that boost ROI of Businesses

Influencer Marketing
Content Marketing
App Store Optimization
Big Data Personalization
In-store Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Live Video Streaming
Site Optimization as per the Wearable Technology
Consumer Engagement Strategy

Digital Marketing practices like importance of SEO in digital marketing, Paid Advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, e-Commerce SEO, Automation Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and so forth have turned out to be regular practices of B2B and B2C organizations. Digital Marketing aids you easily see the client reaction rates, measure the completion of your marketing goals, and hence empowers you design your next Digital Marketing Campaign more accurately.

So, this is why Digital Marketing is Important! Facing problems and wishing to know what would be the right Digital Marketing Strategy for your business? – Write us in comments.
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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

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10 Social Media Marketing Strategy Trends for 2018

10 Social Media Marketing Strategy Trends for 2018

It is time to talk about the trends that is going to change the digital marketing game for 2018. Digital marketing is always evolving, and one of the areas that innovates the fastest is social media marketing.

1. Increased Consumption Of Videos:
Brands are going to heavily invest in Video Marketing as thats what people like to consume too today. Be it Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon Promise or YouTube – Videos are the easiest and most convenient way people would like to grab content.
2. Instagram Stories Is Where The Creativity and Innovation Lies:
Brands that serves customers directly will find Instagram stories the most creative way to engage their audience. With seasonal stickers, rewind features, zoom in feature, Live polls, Live Stories, Live Stories that can involve 2 different profiles at the same time is going to be the biggest game changer. It is time you grow your follower base on Instagram and not on Facebook.
3. 2018 Is Going to Be Year of Instagram:
Facebook would like to Kill Snapchat in all possible ways. You would probably notice your posts on Facebook getting less traction but more engagement on Instagram. Facebook wants you to use Instagram heavily this will increase the usage pattern by all means and slowly kill the consumption of snapchat. Instagram advertisements, Instagram boost posts is where your investment should be.
4. Live Features Are Going To Soar, Brands will heavily invest in Live Tools, Live Campaigns:
If you haven’t really purchased a Live tool like BeLive or Wirecast – you should. Buy those equipments that can help you go Live in the most professional way. Live sessions gets you the maximum traction on Social Media. Especially the scheduled ones. So have a goal plan for your brand’s Live Sessions in 2018.
5. Facebook Ads Brand Funnel Will Be On Rise:
Facebook is changing the way Leads were generated on the internet. People are slowly creating a customer’s journey with respect to Facebook Advertisements. You can create audience out of people who have engaged with your page, messenger, advertisements, lead forms, videos etc. This is going to change the way Leads were generated on internet. A customer’s journey is going to be re-defined here. It is no more a platform for quick visibility and leads but it is visibility and from there what else will be made visible to your audience.
6. Website ChatBots Will Dominate All Form Of Conversion Techniques:
Artificial Intelligence based chatbots will replace all kinds of conversion tools. They are by far the most effective one. Tools like Collect Chat, DRIFT and many other will help brands converse and collect data of customers on website.
7. Influencer Marketing Will Slow Down:
Year 2017 was defined as year for influencer marketing. A lot of brands have tested their hands on influencer marketing and realised there is no clear or distinct way to measure. This year Influencer Marketing will slow down with more and more quality reach out than the quantity reach out.
8. Whatsapp For Business:
Brands like Goibibo, Bookmyshow has already integrated Whatsapp for Business. Facebook is testing ‘Whatsapp us’ as call to action for advertisement campaigns this will make the ads funnel even more interesting. It is time you grow your whatsapp contacts because Facebook’s next big bet after Instagram advertisements is going to on Whatsapp.
9. LinkedIn For B2B:
LinkedIn inMails is by far one of the most cost effective Business intelligence based marketing product that LinkeDIn has brought in for B2B marketers. LinkedIn sponsored posts, LinkedIn lead generation advertisements is where B2B Marketers will hang out.
10. Facebook Messenger Will Become The Next Big Marketing Weapon:
When compared to email marketing opening rates, Facebook messenger broadcasts have more opening rates. Local brands, local stores, bloggers should adapt Facebook Messenger marketing and integrate a chatbot for sequenced messages. Trust me, this will change the way you have done your internet marketing so far.

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Digital Marketing Trends 2018

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

In Coming year 2018, Digital Marketing a new marketing trend for all business. Marketing is a field where every time you want to be out in front, you need to foresight the trends and prepares for changes. If you want to stand-up in market then need to move your business online. Digital Marketing Services change the market strategist. Through Digital media you gained popularity and reached a wider audience through online marketing with low investment. you need to start thinking about the upcoming trends in 2018 and prepare yourself accordingly.

1- Growth of Mobile Devices
Currently min 7.22 billion active mobile devices in the world and most of the user are searching on google using a mobile device. If your website is not mobile-friendly make sure that it is, mobile website and optimization should be a top priority for digital marketer in 2018.
2- Content Marketing
According to digital marketing expert, Creating a unique, structured and consistent content is the important part of the online marketing. Infographic is going to play a central role.  Mobile video will be the hottest trend which you can expect to see this year.
3- Live Video
Facebook has launched live video streaming feature and this feature is free for users who have their account on facebook. This idea is to make the user feel more genuine and to be more interactive. Promote yourself or your brand when going online it provides more personal interactions with consumers. To deliver live experience company need to adapt technology and through which it can respond in the moment and that matter most to the customer which is win-win situation for both customer and company.

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