Monday, 6 March 2017


How to Create Content that Keeps Earning Links?

How to Create Content that Keeps Earning Links?

All People talks about the long-term benefits of using content marketing as part of a link building strategy. But without the right type of content, your experience may be that you stop earning links as soon as you stop doing outreach.

So what’s the key to long-term links? 

The goal is to create something that people will find and link to when they’re in need of sources to cite in content they are creating. If your content can serve as a citation, you can be in a good position to earn a lot of passive links.

Original research and new data

Content featuring new research can be extremely powerful for building authoritative links via a PR outreach strategy.

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  2. Content marketing may yield slow results, however, in the long run it can give great results.

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