Tuesday, 4 July 2017

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5 Ways to Boost Your SEO

5 Simple SEO Components to help your site be more search engine friendly. 
Title tags
These appear in the search engine snippet and are the headlines that help grab the searcher’s attention. They also show in the browser tab at the top.  Keep title tags under 60 characters, be specific about the page you are writing it for, and use your keywords where they naturally fit.
Meta description
This also appears in the search engine snippet and explains (in under 160 characters) what the page or blog is about. Again, describe the page using keywords, but keep it short and natural.
Internal links
Links are one of the other main keys for SEO, but internal links are ones that help the reader as well as the search engine spiders. As you are reading this blog, you will notice links that take you to other pages on our website–those are internal links–which help you navigate our site and the spiders to know where to go next.
Header tags
Also–known as h1, h2, h3 tags–are a means of text styling for ease of reading and visual hierarchy. They also tell the search engines what the next section is about and where the importance lies. Reminder: don’t forget those keywords, but it’s more important to be natural than stuffing keywords where they don’t need to be.
Alternative tags
Also known as alt tags, alternative tags are SEO magic for images. Consider when you save your picture from your camera or phone; it has a title that is likely in the format IMG_1234.jpg. Not the best ‘title’ for your picture, so we suggest 
1) naming the picture what it is, and
2) adding an alternative title–the alt tag–giving it a more keyword rich description.
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