Monday, 31 July 2017

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Social Media Tips 2017

Billions of people worldwide use social media. Identifying the potential of social media platforms, more & more brands are now online and active in social media, providing varied content. But social media is not just a platform, it is a tool. And just like any other tool, it has a number of functionalities. Although we are aware of most of them, there are still some vital essentials that businesses tend to overlook-
Lack of social presence
A business with social media presence is automatically viewed as more competent, focused and genuine. An active social media presence is even better, since it shows customers that your company runs smoothly and you can take care of everything.”
Know your customer
No product or service can cater to everyone. Therefore, it is important to understand your target audience. In order to make sure that you are speaking to the right people, you need to develop buyer personas.
Start where you can interact best
It is easier to reach your customers where they are, rather than trying to induce them to a place where you are. Figure out where your existing customers are and start using that platform to your benefit.
Post content that you can create
Planning, creating and scheduling social media content takes time. If you start engaging yourself to every social media platform, chances are that you would be spreading thin and will post poor content. Your ultimate goal is to interact with customers, which will not happen if your content is haphazard.
So, what to post?
The answer to this question lies in thorough research and some Trial and Error. You need to understand what content is your audience interested in? Sign up for social media articles and tips from experts & professionals for daily or weekly emails with all sorts of tips, new information and social updates.
Entertaining content is better than promotional content
People have accounts on social media so that they can be entertained, not be a subject to marketing. Hence, whatever you post on social media should be engaging first and marketing later.
Try images & infographics over lengthy content
Images perform better and increase user engagement over long content. Even if there is a need to post content, you could try infographics to convey your information in an interactive and effective way.

Be patient! Many business owners don’t know about all of a social platform’s capabilities, or get frustrated when they don’t see a high engagement rate or grand following right away. If you are upset with the results you get, go back to your basics. Try optimizing your facebook page, reshare articles from big brands and so on.


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